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• After Hours Tutoring now offers assistance in these subject areas: Global History, Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry. •


After Hours Tutoring (AHT) provides highly individualized, one-on-one instruction in a clean,quiet office setting, free from distractions. Private tutoring sessions may also be scheduled at after-school facilities, libraries, or community centers. AHT tutors are experienced, degreed professionals and/or state certified instructors.

Educational research overwhelmingly indicates that one-on-one student to tutor instruction is highly successful in improving a student's academic standing. Our goal is to enable your child to quickly get back on track and reach his or her full academic potential without delay.

AHT specializes in High School English, but if you are seeking a tutor for other subject areas, AHT can call on its network of resources to find you a great match. Instruction is truly individualized - one-on-one, not one teacher to 5, 6 or more children. AHT students are allowed to work at their own pace. Following each session, AHT tutors meet with parents to review their child's progress.

AHT schedules tutoring at times convenient to parents - evenings, weekends and summers. AHT offers competitive tutoring rates and parents can decide how often tutors will meet with their child. And there are no long-term contracts required.

AHT is based in Goshen, NY and is independently owned and operated.

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