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All high school juniors must take and pass the New York State Regents exam in English. The vast majority of college bound high school juniors and seniors are required to take and score well on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). Achieving a high score on this exam can enable a student to get into a more competitive college, making a high score very desirable to parents and students alike. Once accepted into college, many students take a placement exam which determines what level English class a new student can take. As a college freshman, being placed in English 101 instead of a remedial English class can save the student a lot of time and money, so scoring well on the placement exam is crucial. AHT will provide individual, hourly tutoring in preparation for these exams and others by using a variety of established and innovated methods.

Tutoring services are provided on an hourly basis, with the typical customer using ten hours. Ten hours of tutoring per exam is standard, with the schedule usually being one hour a week for ten weeks. This can vary from customer to customer, depending on individual needs and financial abilities.


Part of the process of applying to college and/or applying for scholarships usually involves writing an essay. AHT will provide guidance and proofreading to assist the student in writing the best, most effective essay he/she can write.


Although most of AHT's services are geared towards high school students, AHT also provides proofreading services to the general public. Examples of materials AHT has proofread in the past include newspaper/magazine articles, letters to politicians, raffle tickets and candidate statements.

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